Project Deliverables

The project id divided in 8 Work Packages that will output 64 total deliverables (including confidential and public ones).

Public Deliverables

In this page 54 public deliverables will be made available for download as soon as released.


Ethics requirements.

2 Deliverables

No public deliverables


Data harmonization and genetic epidemiology of childhood mental health symptoms.

6 Deliverables

All public


(Epi)genetic and transcriptomic factors and the interplay with the environment in childhood mental health symptoms.

6 Deliverables

All public


Genetic information as an aid in understanding effects of environmental exposures.

6 Deliverables

All public


Database creation and clinical translation.

9 Deliverables

7 Public deliverables



6 Deliverables

All public



10 Deliverables

8 Public deliverables



18 Deliverables

12 Public deliverables

List of public deliverables

There is a total of 54 public deliverables that will be made available below.

WP2 - D2.1

Harmonized scores

WP3 - D3.1

Polygenic risk scores

WP4 - D4.1

Mendelian randomization analyses

WP5 - D5.2

Review paper

WP5 - D5.8

PhD Publications ESR10

WP6 - D6.5

Presentation of ESRs

WP7 - D7.7

Workshop 5

WP8 - D8.3

Recruitment ESR3 and 5

WP8 - D8.9

Recruitment ESR11

WP2 - D2.2

Gene-environment interaction analyses

WP3 - D3.2

Polygenic analyses

WP4 - D4.2

Epigenetic analyses

WP5 - D5.3

Drug target validation analyses

WP5 - D5.9

PhD Publications ESR11

WP6 - D6.6

International Open conference

WP7 - D7.8

Workshop 6

WP8 - D8.4

Recruitment ESR4

WP8 - D8.10

Recruitment ESR12

WP2 - D2.3

Multivariate analyses

WP3 - D3.3

Genome-wide association metaanalyses

WP4 - D4.3

Mendelian randomization epigenetic analyses

WP5 - D5.4

Validated prediction model for ADHD

WP6 - D6.1


WP7 - D7.3

Workshop 1

WP7 - D7.9

Workshop 7

WP8 - D8.5

Recruitment ESR6 and 8

WP8 - D8.11

Progress report 1

WP2 - D2.4

Longitudinal analyses

WP3 - D3.4

PhD Publications ESR3

WP4 - D4.4

PhD Publications ESR6

WP5 - D5.5

Validated prediction model for internalizing problems

WP6 - D6.2

Annual meeting 1

WP7 - D7.4

Workshop 2

WP7 - D7.10

Workshop 8

WP8 - D8.6

Recruitment ESR7

WP8 - D8.12

Progress report 2

WP2 - D2.5

PHD Publications ESR1

WP3 - D3.5

PhD Publications ESR4

WP4 - D4.5

PhD Publications ESR7

WP5 - D5.6

PhD Publications ESR9

WP6 - D6.3

Annual meeting 2

WP7 - D7.5

Workshop 3

WP8 - D8.1

Recruitment ESR1

WP8 - D8.7

Recruitment ESR9

WP8 - D8.13

Progress report 3

WP2 - D2.6

PHD Publications ESR2

WP3 - D3.6

PhD Publications ESR5

WP4 - D4.6

PhD Publications ESR8

WP5 - D5.7

PhD Publications ESR12

WP6 - D6.4

Annual meeting 3

WP7 - D7.6

Workshop 4

WP8 - D8.2

Recruitment ESR2

WP8 - D8.8

Recruitment ESR10

WP8 - D8.14

Final report

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Prof. Christel Middeldorp, project coordinator

VU University Amsterdam
Dept. of Biological Psychology
email : c.m.middeldorp(at)

Natascha Stroo, project manager
VU University Amsterdam
Dept. of Biological Psychology
email : natascha.stroo(at)

Matteo Mauri, web & dissemination manager
University of Cagliari
email : matteo.mauri(at)

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