The project relies on a large body of competences, since it comprises 10 partners, from 4 different countries: VU University Amsterdam, Erasmus University Medical Centre Rotterdam and University of Twente (Netherlands); King's College London, University of Bristol and Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine (UK); University of Gothenburg, Karolinska Institutet and Janssen-CILAG AB - pharmaceutical companies (Sweden); University of Cagliari (Italy). 

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Get in Touch!


Prof. Christel Middeldorp, project coordinator

VU University Amsterdam
Dept. of Biological Psychology
email : c.m.middeldorp(at)

Natascha Stroo, project manager
VU University Amsterdam
Dept. of Biological Psychology
email : natascha.stroo(at)

Matteo Mauri, web & dissemination manager
University of Cagliari
email : matteo.mauri(at)

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